Robert Everett

What is a Boiler HP and how much do I need?

February 15, 2022
Do you know how much HP (horsepower) your boiler has? Are you aware that the horsepower of your boiler can make a real difference to its performance and capability? Here we take an in-depth look at horsepower – from what it is to how it’s measured, how horsepower is related to BTU, and how to choose the right boiler capacity for your operation.
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How CTCA Ensures Boiler Safety

January 13, 2022
There may come a time when you need to rent a boiler for your business. Working out what you need with the large range on offer is just one part of the equation. How do you actually know if the boiler you rent will be safe?Not all boilers are equal and neither are the companies that rent them. Read on as we discuss why boiler safety is at the forefront of everything CTCA does, so you get peace of mind with your rental.
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3 Benefits of Boiler Rentals

April 23, 2018
Your business probably invested in an industrial boiler when you started out. These large boilers are expected to operate well for decades. However, you will have to face a loss of performance as well as rising maintenance costs for your equipment.
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4 Tips for Hiring a Boiler Contractor

January 29, 2018
When building your business contingency plan, you have to make sure you find someone reliable to back you up when you need it most. When your suppliers need to deliver, you have to ensure that they follow through with their services. Your business will depend on the qualifications of these people in unfavorable circumstances. It’s only fair for you to know you can count on them.
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