How CTCA Ensures Boiler Safety

Robert Everett
January 13, 2022

There may come a time when you need to rent a boiler for your business. Working out what you need with the large range on offer is just one part of the equation. How do you actually know if the boiler you rent will be safe?

Not all boilers are equal and neither are the companies that rent them. Read on as we discuss why boiler safety is at the forefront of everything CTCA does, so you get peace of mind with your rental.

Boiler Safety in CTCA

When you rent a boiler from CTCA, you can have peace of mind that safety is our number one priority. Boilers are extremely complicated pieces of equipment. There is a lot that can go wrong with them and in many cases, a lot of potential for injury.

Luckily, our boilers are rigorously tested and of the highest quality. But it is not always the case with many boilers and rentals. Below are a number of issues that may occur with old or substandard boilers.

Fuel Systems

One of the biggest problems, particularly with substandard rentals, is fuel systems. Gas piping is different from other types of pipe, though many people choose to treat it as such. Anyone repairing a boiler should know the procedure needs to be broken down into the planning, the isolation of the pipe, and a re-repair purge.

If they are not done in this way, problems will occur either now or later down the line. They could result in combustion and gas could escape from the system.

Issues With Equipment

The correct procedures for fuel train interlock and safety testing guidelines are mandatory by law. However, this does not mean all boiler rental companies adhere to this. All boilers will have a correct startup and shutdown procedure that staff should know about.

When they don’t, the problems are passed on to you. This can either be in poor equipment or as a danger to your health. Our company prides itself on knowing how to operate our systems, transferring that knowledge onto you.

Poor Inspections

Boiler inspections are also mandated by the state. They are known as jurisdictional inspections and will test the equipment for safety and efficiency. However, they do not test everything.

Some companies may think this is enough, but it seldom is. The best companies, such as ours, now have safety tests and inspections that go beyond a jurisdictional inspection. This helps avoid explosions and fires that can occur as a result.

How We Care for Our Equipment

We understand that our equipment needs to function under duress. This could be in extreme temperatures or conditions. For a boiler, this means it often has far worse issues regarding wear and tear than other items of machinery.

At CTCA we believe that prevention is better than a cure. We have rigorous testing on our equipment. When you rent a boiler from us you will know it is of the highest operational standard and that we put safety first.

All of this is done by trained personnel. They know how a boiler operates, and how to correctly start up and shut down. Essentially, they know what to look for and spot problems before they occur, fixing them before the boiler gets to you.

We Invest in Quality

In recent years, the technology in a new boiler and its efficiency have moved on considerably. Older boilers can get tested and come out as passed. However, the manual steps taken to ensure the standard is never at the level newer, more tech-driven models can reach.

Like any machinery, boilers also come in varying degrees of quality. Some manufacturers have better products than others. We invest in our equipment, picking out machines that last longer and perform better for our clients and their safety.

Built-in Protection

When we rent a boiler to a customer, it is not possible for us to be at every site. What we can do is make sure the utmost protection is provided. This is done through a host of self-regulating and self-monitoring solutions.

Valves, alarms, and in some instances, shutdown functions, are on our equipment. Below are some of the safety features boilers come with.

High Limit Control

This controls overpressure. The switch remains closed until a set point is reached and this then breaks power to the control circuit.

Low Gas Pressure Switch

Low pressure can cause gas to pocket, resulting in dangerous and volatile ignitions. This ensures the correct velocity through the machine and shows that the right amount is being provided to gain full ignition.

High Gas Pressure Switch

This ensures the boiler does not have too much fuel and prevents over-firing. It works using a pressure rise that is higher than its operating set point.

Low and High Oil Pressure Switches

Both of these switches work in conjunction. The low-pressure oil switch helps prevent the pooling of the oil. It also ensures there is sufficient pressure to make an input.

High-pressure oil switches operate like the gas pressure switch. It makes sure too much oil does not reach the boiler, causing too much oil, combustion, and sooting.

Our Commitment to Boiler Safety

We strengthen our commitment to boiler safety every year, adding to our protocol, training personnel, and working with clients. This ensures we can all enjoy the benefits of our equipment and keep everyone safe.

CTCA should be your first choice for boiler rentals. We have a range of machines from high-pressure steam to domestic water boilers. Contact us here to discuss your needs and let us provide a boiler for your next endeavor.

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