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We understand the demand for an efficient and reliable heater system for your building and temporary heating needs. A boiler rental can be a necessary and helpful temporary solution for your regular business operations or emergencies. When your boiler suddenly breaks and you need to wait for repairs, you need a rental boiler to keep everything running smoothly. Other times, purchasing a boiler may not be practical for your situation or you may only need a rental boiler for those peak production times. We know how important and urgent your boiler needs are, so we are ready to provide you with Boiler Rentals at a moment’s notice. We are here to make the transition to and from a temporary boiler as easy as possible.

Whatever your needs for may be, Boiler Rentals by CTCA is here 24/7 to help.

Emergency Boiler Rentals Services

We have over 150 years of combined experience in the rental boiler/heating industry and have been providing reliable and powerful solutions for all your heating and cooling equipment needs. Our Boiler Rentals include VFDs, pumps, hoses, and everything you need to easily connect and run the boilers within a few hours. We provide a wide variety of features, types, and sizes of boilers to fit your specific needs. Our Boiler Rentals range in size from 500,000 BTU to 500 HP in both steam and hot water which can be combined to meet your load requirements.
500,000 BTU to 500 HP
Trailer and skid-mounted, available for immediate delivery
Condensate transfer systems
Expansion tanks
Natural gas hose
Pre-piped and pre-wired for a single-point connection
Stainless-steel corrugated and flexible braided hose
Steam and Hot Water Boiler Plants available

Why Choose Boiler Rentals by CTCA

Available Types of Rental Boilers

Standard and low-pressure steam boilers, mounted on skids and trailers

Domestic water-heating boilers

High efficiency/low NOX burners from 30 HP to 500 HP.

Hot water boiler plants mounted on skids and trailers

Indirect-fired hot water boilers

Pre-piped and pre-wired for a single-point connection

Stainless-steel corrugated and flexible braided hose

Steam and Hot Water Boiler Plants available

If you are unsure which size of boiler you need, we can guide and help you assess the proper size and type for your specific situation. Your safety is also our top priority, so we take extra care in carrying the highest quality machines that are long-lasting and safe. Our boilers are equipped with all the safety features and we also ensure that our personnel are all properly trained and following protocol.

Contact us today to discuss your Boiler Rental needs by filling out the contact box or calling 800-388-5429. Our experienced rental staff is always ready to help you with your emergency or planned events any time, anywhere.

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