Reliable and Efficient Heat Exchanger Rentals

Looking to heat or cool a process fluid appropriately? Rent a heat exchanger with us and experience a safe and cost-effective solution for your temporary and emergency needs!

Why Choose Boiler Rentals by CTCA

Our distinguished staff has over 150 years of industry experience and offers 24/7 responsive customer service and same-day delivery nationwide. Since 1977, we have been renting chillers, and our large stock of rental heating equipment allows us to combine multiple units to meet almost any need. We are also licensed to service Federal Government GSA and State Government TXMAS contract projects.
CTCA has a full fleet of plate and frame exchangers.
We offer a range from 50 GPM to 1,500 GPM.
All equipment comes with valves, temperature gauges, and thermostats.
All heat exchangers are skid-mounted.
Pumps are available upon request.

Designed to Meet Your Needs

Our heat exchanger rental equipment is designed to transfer heat efficiently from one medium to another. It permits effective heat transmission in process applications and keeps the process fluid isolated from the principal cooling liquid. 

With CTCA, you never have to worry about these limiting factors for the successful implementation of a temporary process cooling solution!
the corrosive potential of the product and construction materials used for the cooling equipment;
required flows and temperatures that are frequently outside the normal range for standard equipment;
and the overall complexity of the cooling solution, which can all be limiting factors in the successful implementation of a temporary process cooling solution.

Benefits of Heat Exchanger Rentals


Never worry about insurance, maintenance, and repair costs. Avoid making a large financial investment on a temporary need.

Flexible & Convenient

We offer reasonable daily, weekly, and monthly rental prices, giving you the flexibility and convenience of just using your unit when necessary.

Quality Equipment & Service

You may use our full fleet of skid-mounted equipment with the unlimited resources and assistance of our experienced professionals.


Temporary chillers or cooling towers coupled with a heat exchanger will allow regular rental cooling equipment to run within its specified operating range and provide effective cooling to a process stream when correctly scaled. Because processes frequently require operation under various circumstances, this affords substantially greater flexibility. Adding a heat exchanger with a secondary cooling loop allows for safe and effective cooling. 

Heat exchangers are also used in a variety of applications, including:
Space heating
Chemical plants
Petrochemical plants
Air conditioning
Petroleum refineries
Power plants
Natural gas processing
Sewage treatment plants