Providing Heater Rentals
for Your Temporary Needs

Boiler Rentals by CTCA specializes in providing temporary supplemental heating solutions nationwide to keep your job site running and your crews productive. Our complete line of heater and boiler rental products is backed by reliable technical support to support industrial and commercial worksites. From portable electric heaters to combination hot water rental boilers connected to an air handler, we can provide up to 5 million BTUs of heat with 60,000 CFMs of airflow. Our electric heaters fit almost any size of heating need. For rental heater usage ideas, view our list of common uses and contact us today for your quote.

Benefits of Heater Rentals

Commercial heaters and boilers are a significant investment. Businesses often make the strategic decision to rent equipment when needed. Others have heaters and boilers on hand but need to rent equipment when unexpected situations arise. Regardless of your organization, CTCA has the necessary equipment to keep your production on track.

Budget Restraints

Renting commercial heating equipment allows more flexibility in your budget. This is especially true when you consider the maintenance requirements of heavy-duty equipment. All maintenance service on rental equipment is included, so you won’t have to deal with repairs and upkeep.

Temporary Needs

Renting is the best option if your need for commercial equipment is seasonal or only needed as dictated by projects. Order your heater or boiler for when needed, and end your rental when it's no longer required on your job site.

Malfunctioning Equipment

When your equipment fails, which can happen no matter how well you maintain it, you risk the loss of profits and productivity. Get your job site up and running with heater and boiler rentals from CTCA.

Routine Maintenance

If your equipment needs routine maintenance, call us to rent a replacement heater or boiler to allow time for the required maintenance.

What We Offer

Air Handler/Boiler
Combination Heaters:
Offer 100% clean air and are portable and convenient.
500,000 BTU to 500 HP
Fan capacities up to 60,000 CFM
Combine multiple units to achieve the desired results
Portable Electric
Heater Rentals
15kW to 60kw
Electronic controls
Fitted with casters for portability
Small enough to fit through a standard 3-ft. door
Thermostat sensors
High and low airflow available
Single-phase and 3-phase models are available
Package Unit
Heater Rentals
5-ton to 30 ton
15kW to 72kw
Electronic controls
Fitted with casters for portability or trailer mounted
Small enough to pull with a light-duty truck
Thermostat sensors
High and low airflow is available
Single-phase and 3-phase models are available

Delivering Expert Solutions for Your Business

We have served clients for over three decades and can help you nail down the equipment to fit your commercial or industrial needs. Our expert team assists customers in determining their equipment needs and saving them money in the process. We respond 24/7 and deliver across the country with same-day service available. Boiler Rentals by CTCA provides free consultation and problem-solving by phone.

Other Industrial & Commercial Solutions Available:

Air handlers
Cooling Towers
Boiler Rentals
Heat Exchangers
Package Units
Power Generators